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The Social Media Tool Box

January 25, 2009

So, I’ve been thinking some about the tools I use to interact with my social media sites and accounts–particularily the ones that don’t require me to be on the site.

For instance, I am a Tweet Deck person on line, Twitterberry on my BlackBerry, Twitteriffic on my iPhone–but almost never on Twitter. (Add to that,, and some others tied to Twitter).

I am huge on Ping ( While this does not fit the criteria of sites that allow me to leverage them remotely-it does talk to so many sites it is a stand out.

Which brings me to my problems with Social Median, Digg and some of he higher consumption sites.

Social Median comes pretty close–with liberal RSS available. But the RSS kind of adds to the click experience–it doesn’t minimize the clicks, but it does get the content¬† onto my sites.¬† Next for me is trying to figure out how to thread that RSS into this site.¬† Digg would be better served to add some variations of its RSS–its a great tool, but too broad.

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