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Twitter Cred: Being First and Being Right

January 6, 2011

No matter what the medium for news is, being right is still really important.

Some thoughts over on my Hockey Independent blog


Wired For Action. Now What?

July 1, 2010

For whatever set of reasons this year, the NHL and NBA kicked off free agency on the same today-today.  Now while most of the sports minded NYC folks are focused on where’s LeBron James is going-will it be Knicks, Nets or much to everyone in NYC’s dismay elsewhere-I’ve been focused on NHL free agency.  Are the Islanders really only a big defenseman and back-up goalie away from NHL relevancy?

So I muddle through my morning commute with all the LeBron talk–and now I am in the office and raring to go.  My Twitter bud BD Gallof has his excellent site Hockey Independent primed for action.  And over there is another Twitter (and I met him a long time ago when I worked for News 12) bud Chris Botta who once worked for the Islanders and now is a writer covering the NHL for Fanhouse and keeps a really good all things Islanders Blog up and running on my computer at work along with my Tweetdeck.

Now all I need is word that Eric Nystrom is coming home.  Aaron Asham or Andy Sutton will get a return engagement in Uniondale.  Garth Snow spent some of Charles Wang’s money to bring in Jordan Leopold (of all the moves this is the one I was hoping for, but was least likely to happen).

So I am all set, raring to go–and what happens?  Well the hated cross town Rangers sign an enforcer to a four-year contract.  The Devils make some nice pick ups.  The Sabers signs Leopold.  Any my beloved NY Islanders?  Nothing.

Now, I am very sure Garth Snow (Isles GM for those uninitiated) is working the phones and “sticking to the plan.”  But still–just once for all that prep it would have been nice to see some good Islanders news go by.

Alas–thanks for a pretty interesting season Marty Biron-we’ll see you on Broadway.  Jeff Tambellini–best of luck in Vancouver.

For those left waiting for the Uniondale crew to make a move–its nine days until the mini-camp game at the Coliseum and then a little more than two months until the puck drops.

OK-back to baseball.  Lets go Mets.

Tweet, Tweet the NHL Trading Deadline

March 4, 2010

I would not call it a defining moment for the distribution of news and information–that Twitter is great way to find out about events and get some instant thoughts.  Instead I would call yesterday’s run up to the NHL trade deadline as a very insightful way that the paradigm has changed.

NHL reporters and commentators were hugely active on Twitter–updating all the trades and rumors.  I follow a bunch on this list (along with other sports folks).  This was updated before sites, before blogs, before TSN radio–and as each trade occurred, they became trending topics in Canada and in some cases the US.

I live in a hockey market with three teams, and limited coverage (not to mention the spat my team is having with a one-time team exec and now NHL blogger)-so any hockey news is helpful.  The wealth of information and insight from the Twitter-crowd was (and is) great.

Its how I found out Andy Sutton is worth a second round draft choice.  Its how I found out my team will keep 2.5 goalies for the rest of the season.  Its how I found out that at the NHL trade deadline, it was all about role players–nary a blockbuster in the bunch.

As always, its important to know your sources and dig a little deeper–but still for that top line/headline it’s very effective.

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