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Putting Decorum to the Chatter

January 15, 2010

As more people “discover” the ins-and outs of social networks either for professional reasons or personal I can’t help but think it is time to put a little decorum to the chatter.  After all, how many times can I be invited to join the fan page of someone I don’t know?

So, this thought really started with Facebook–and someone who insists they know me from my high school years, although we went to different high schools.  At any rate, this person is some kind of a social media consultant now.  Great.  (I won’t let my personal take on someone who professes to tell people how to use Twitter taint my opinion).

This person also has a Facebook fan page.  Not sure I see the need, but again great.  And I was invited to join.  And I made full use of the ignore option.  I really did not think much more of it.

Until I got an invitation every other day for three weeks.  Now granted, I still have the full option to leverage the ignore button.  But enough.

Plus it got me thinking-there is something overly vain and just off with that.  Randomly I join fan pages–usually of people who I have worked with over the years or someone I am actually a fan of.

So now I have two specific suggestions as it pertains to Facebook fan pages, and I think at least in my little social network world, I will follow these.

1. Only one invite to join a fan page.  If I opt not to its my decision.  I think if I get multiple requests, then its clear this person is just culling their friends list, and I will solve the issue by de-friending.

2. I am more apt to join and participate a fan page if I am actually a fan.

Which now brings us to Twitter, FourSquare and Gowalla.

As I mentioned in my “Can You See Me Now” post a week ago these IRT sites, where I am sharing my actual location with people are becoming popular.  I’ve decided to limit myself on these sites to people I actually know.

It’s not that I don’t want to meet you, its more that internet safety 101 type thing going on.  It seems kind of counter-intuitive to broadly share where I am with thousands of people who I actually don’t know.

So, feel free to friend me up on Facebook (I never say no) or follow me on Twitter (I even follow back).

And please follow the simple rules above so we can actually get to know one another.

Being Social IRT in a Social Media Kind of Way

July 8, 2009

So, I will be the first to admit, I have a tendency not to be social. In fact, I tend to be anti-social. By the time I am done with work, kids, neighbors, school groups etc, the last thing I want to do is actually start randomly talking to people.

But with a push from @SarenaP its exactly what I did tonight.

I went to a non-business related “meet up” and actually had a pretty good time.

Not a major break-through I know for most people-but hey, most people are not as truly anti-social as I am. Its a chore for me, its something I have to really push to do. Perhaps this bridging of on-line social media with IRT social media is the right answer for me.

I have been looking at the Meet Up sight (again at the push of @SarenaP) and maybe I should join up–and find others who try to skirt being social.

And its not that I don’t like to meet people. In fact, I am exactly opposite. I love meeting people.  I think for me, its tough to stay focused and interested for an extended period of time-perhaps that’s why Twitters’ 140 character limit works for me?

So, IRT I shall venture, and see if I can perfect that any better than I have done on the social media side.

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