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Sweating over the details

January 12, 2009

Over the last week to week and a half (before, during and after the holidays) I have been going through an incredibly intense design process for six mobile websites and two mobile applications–and while the experience has me looking at all things with a different POV, I am wondering if we spend too much time sweating the small stuff.

Does an end user really care if the “more” button is crammed into a space? Do they even notice? Until last week, I did not even know what the gutter on the comps was–now I am answering questions about graphics haning into it.

My thought is that content drives consumption-and navigation needs to be easy to invisible.

More than two years ago, a consultant told me if the end user needs navigation, there is a design problem.  I asked him at the time to explain that statement, and he told me a user should be able to easily move within a site (WWW or mobile) easily.  If they need to back out to main navigation points-the content is too burried.

That stuck with me-and now I understand it.

As the new sites roll, we’ll find out if we over thought them.

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