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Being Social IRT in a Social Media Kind of Way

July 8, 2009

So, I will be the first to admit, I have a tendency not to be social. In fact, I tend to be anti-social. By the time I am done with work, kids, neighbors, school groups etc, the last thing I want to do is actually start randomly talking to people.

But with a push from @SarenaP its exactly what I did tonight.

I went to a non-business related “meet up” and actually had a pretty good time.

Not a major break-through I know for most people-but hey, most people are not as truly anti-social as I am. Its a chore for me, its something I have to really push to do. Perhaps this bridging of on-line social media with IRT social media is the right answer for me.

I have been looking at the Meet Up sight (again at the push of @SarenaP) and maybe I should join up–and find others who try to skirt being social.

And its not that I don’t like to meet people. In fact, I am exactly opposite. I love meeting people.  I think for me, its tough to stay focused and interested for an extended period of time-perhaps that’s why Twitters’ 140 character limit works for me?

So, IRT I shall venture, and see if I can perfect that any better than I have done on the social media side.

The Contrarian View-Questions to Ponder

February 25, 2009

OK-contrarian is a little strong-call it another view.

I met the S/O of a friend last night and among the topics we covered was social media–and what we see as the  differences between Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Plurk etc.  To set the stage for this–Jenna was introduced to me as the “Queen of Social Media” because she is on Facebook and Twitter.  Her boyfriend is on Facebook only, and well, “I update my status there, and that’s enough,” w as the argument.

Jenna countered with Twitter is a conversation.

I countered with leveraging tools like FriendFeed or Plurk you can update all of the networks concurrently–so there is no additional updates.

Jenna and I then briefly discussed update versus conversation.

This morning from Twitter I found out about the Turkish plane crash, reaction to Obama’s speech last night (did anyone else find amusing all the members of Congress live Tweeting during the speech?), a fire in Queens and some good industry reading that I was able to buzz.

But I did not engage–I was strictly a consumer. Others though were engaged in the two way via Twitter, something that is much tougher to do on Facebook.  So perhaps I should further think through my automatic updates from Ping that spread across my networks–am I doing a dis-service to the networks by at times simply doing a status update when there are consumers looking for conversation?

Am I Connecting? Or Re-Channeling

January 26, 2009

A conversation I had last night keeps reverberating with me-and has had me thinking a lot this morning (was helpful on the treadmill to think about something other than my sore calf muscles).

Sometimes I joke, and sometimes I am serious that I can have a very anti-social streak in me.  Given the choice I would rather sit at home, watch sports and just shut out the world.  Yet, I am pretty active in social media circles, I work for one of the largest media companies in the world, I process 100’s of emails/day-seven days a week.  I am always communicating.

Last night, for the third or fourth time, I took the option to self-scan items at the Stop and Shop.  A)nd I don’t mean in the checkout lane without a cashier. I mean, getting a portable scanning gun when I walk into the store and a handful of bags, and then scanning the items off the shelf as I bag them.

A friend (the person I was talking to last night) and I have dubbed this “anti-social shopping.” And it is.  It keeps me from looking at anyone, chatting with anyone or even interacting with anyone.

Flash that against my Twitter stream-pretty aggressive in two way conversation.  Flash that against my commuting habbits, where generally I can chat away with anyone on the train on the way to or from work.  There is  a disconnect I think.

So, now I am thinking that there is a limit to the amount someone can communicate in a day or week–and rather than expanding my communications channels-I am re-channeling that effort.

Mind you, I am pretty sure the conversations on Twitter, Plurk, Social Median, Digg etc are far better than the idle chitter/chatter I would encounter at Stop and Shop–but I am just not sure how it all fits in.

No changes planned-but perhaps I should find a way to study the communication paths I choose-and figure out which are more effective.; which are more fulfilling and which are simply to pass the time of day.

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