Its Another Facebook Miracle

We’ve all had them–those miracles of Facebook.  When we re-connect with our past (it could be way distant past or something more contemporary), you know, one of those connections that you never saw coming and never thought would happen.

And I don’t mean like this one:

I’ve had more than a few.

The latest was with a high school English teacher (I probably should watch my punctuation and spelling, right?) although he tells me he retired at the end of last year.  Old habits die hard I suppose.  (Full disclosure, I know of at least one other English teacher who reads this blog)

Anyway, my mother is a long time educator-although not at the high school level.  From time to time I will get a note on Facebook or on Twitter from one of my mother’s former students asking me to pass along regards or thanks to my mother.  And usually I do.  I admit, sometimes I forget–but that’s more a sign of old age and stress than losing the sentiment.

Recently I “reconnected” with an old high school English teacher of mine.  Now the reason this teacher sticks out was because I had him as a teacher for probably three out of four years from ninth to 12th grade.   One of the reasons I have gravitated to computers and all things digital so heartily (despite my being on the fringe of the demographic) is that I was not blessed with great cursive handwriting.  However this teacher took a lot of time to work through some really bad handwriting to help bring out of me the ability to actually express myself through writing.

I sent him a thank you note on Facebook recently because I know my mom likes when she gets those thank you’s, and its important.

His response though made me think.  While I tend to think this teacher helped shape my writing style and the way I communicate through the written word–his take was that he did a small part to bring out talent already there.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between.  And that’s fine.

I can remember some of the classes with this teacher.  Some of the real-time feedback and some of the frustrations.

Somehow though it left an imprint–and yes through another Facebook miracle I was able to say thanks.

One Response to “Its Another Facebook Miracle”

  1. Debra Says:

    I thanked him too. He is a great English teacher and his teaching style and knowledge did more for me than he will ever know.

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