A Look at the Future

This post is a week or so late, but I think it’s a case of better late than never-and its my blog so I can make the rules.

I spent a day last week doing my best not to lecture three journalism classes at my alma-mater Hofstra University.  The subject matter was social media and how it fits into the day-to-day of a modern journalist.

I was also able to get up onto one of my favorite soap boxes and tell students that it’s not enough to know the news and how to report or tell it–but they have to know the industry they are going to work in.

I think its a great time to be in media-because the industry is changing so quickly.  To be a leader though you need to understand the playing field, know who the decision makers are and not just be on the wave, but be ahead of the wave.

The good news for the future is-I think most of the kids in the three sections I spoke in front of got the message.

So when these kids graduate into the industry they’ll know why retrans is such an important issue, they’ll know who to reach out to and perhaps more importantly they’ll know how to use the tools available now and the ones that are emerging to their advantage; both as story tellers and professionals.


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