Its the same as all the other deals: Location, Location, Location

For the last five years I’ve heard, read or been told that “this is the year of mobile.”  Well, I don’t think it’s a matter of a year of mobile.  Rather I think its a progression of the way data flows and the ubiquity of better devices.

And as data flow gets better (despite what my friends at ATT are saying) and devices get better 2010 may finally be the year of what was called LBS (Location Based Services) a long time ago.  And by long I mean three years ago.

Now there are core mobile based products like Foursquare, Gowalla, Aloqua, Where that let a user find friends, locations, places, things to do all based on current location and a database.

Now this should be hugely appealing to sales folks and brands because when I am in the heart of Manhattan and looking for a burrito chances are the top item closest to me wins–and that has value.  The problem right now is figuring out what that value is.

The other problem is conveying that value.

Yeah, any sales person will tell you its all bout location.

And any brand will tell you its all about proximity

But is this the year it all comes together?


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