Scratching the Surface and Going Too Far

So, today I am blogging from 35,000+ feet, thanks to the magic of GoGo in-flight (and a free use card I got earlier this week on my west-bound flight that I did not use).  And as I kind of reflect back some to the week that was in our San Francisco offices–and how much I go that i got done, and how little social networking I did-I wonder if the services we rely on today are just scratching the surface, or if we have gone too far already.

There I was on the BART riding out to Freemont (its a lot further than I thought it would be) and I really wanted to do some Twit pics etc–after all I spend a good amount of time bitching about mass transit in NYC, may as well be equal opportunity, right?

I did some Tweets-but not a lot, and no pics.  The why to that is a simple answer-I was doing other things (reviewing some apps that are about to launch etc), but still my premise is always tha the social media stuff takes so little time that its negligible.

So, perhaps I have gone too far?

Yet, here I am on an American Airlines flight heading East, and not only do I have the GoGo fired up-but my TweetDeck is humming along and I am catching up on all things that I did not get to over the last few days.

Fare enough-but then there was the last conversation I had before leaving the SF office today-and it was about rolling some Twitter share functionality into an app I am working on.  Its kind of expected today-and obvious when its not there (yeah, I launched a BB app less than a year ago that did not have any Twitter hooks in it).

That basic core requirement now makes me wonder if we have only scratched the surface of what we can do with social media as a means of bringing content and ideas together.  As a publisher-we want to leverage the tools for discovery and to build brand, but its equally important to be where the conversation is happening–and now I am wondering if we are helping shape the conversation, or simply adding white-noise to the background.

I am pretty sure the answer is somewhere in between–we are only scratching the surface on what we can do, but perhaps we are going to far all at once….


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