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Despite all the options, when communication breaks downs

July 22, 2009

I consider myself to be a pretty connected dude. Perhaps too connected. After all, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Plurk, FriendFeed, Linkahollicks, BriteKite, Hi5, LinkedIn etc-and those are the easy ones.  Then there is all Digg, Social Median, Xing, Delicious and other sharing sites that I am at least semi-active on.

For the most part, I do this for professional reasons. Although in someways its overkill, in other ways, its part of my job to understand what these sites do, how people use them–and more importantly if there is a way to use them to grow the sites I am responsible for.

Yet somehow, in all of this–I can easily forget to simply communicate with the people around me who I care for.  Case in point, my “lunch” today. Lunch is in quotes because there was not a lot of  eating going on.

Someone was surprised that I had a MySpace account, and I realized that I had told her that I was thinking about setting one up–but did not tell her I would.

Its an odd kind of thing–because this is someon I text with all the time, see regularly, and chat with via email, IM and on Facebook….yet, until just now I had not friended her up on MySpace.

Now yes, she could have friended me–but regardless–while I over communicate in so many ways when it comes down to the ability to actually talk with someone, I have a great ability to under-communicate.

So does all of this two way BS make it tougher to actually talk to someone?

Recently someone asked me how Twitter was different than Facebook status–and my answer was that Twitter was a two way conversation while Facebook status is a broadcast.

But sometimes I guess its important to broadcast what you are doing–because in doubt lies worry and in worry lies the seeds of concern…and in reality, we all have too much to worry about and be concerned about, that something simple should not be on the list.

Being Social IRT in a Social Media Kind of Way

July 8, 2009

So, I will be the first to admit, I have a tendency not to be social. In fact, I tend to be anti-social. By the time I am done with work, kids, neighbors, school groups etc, the last thing I want to do is actually start randomly talking to people.

But with a push from @SarenaP its exactly what I did tonight.

I went to a non-business related “meet up” and actually had a pretty good time.

Not a major break-through I know for most people-but hey, most people are not as truly anti-social as I am. Its a chore for me, its something I have to really push to do. Perhaps this bridging of on-line social media with IRT social media is the right answer for me.

I have been looking at the Meet Up sight (again at the push of @SarenaP) and maybe I should join up–and find others who try to skirt being social.

And its not that I don’t like to meet people. In fact, I am exactly opposite. I love meeting people.  I think for me, its tough to stay focused and interested for an extended period of time-perhaps that’s why Twitters’ 140 character limit works for me?

So, IRT I shall venture, and see if I can perfect that any better than I have done on the social media side.

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