You Want Audience, You Got It. Now What?

I am admittedly fascinated by this development today.  YouTube is now leveraging Twitter and Facebook connect. That is a mass audience.

Now what?

So three of the biggest social media brands are now interconnected.  Its nothing new that Facebook and Twitter worked together. I have been updated my Facebook via my Twitter for more than a year now.  In fact, I use HelloTxt to update MySpace, BrightKite, LinkedIn and more. (feel free to follow me on any of those places)

But today, was huge-its true interconnection.

But now what?

What is the business model? In social media circles these are top tier brands.  YouTube, FaceBook, Twiiter. I would argue anyone reading this–and there are a pretty good number per day checking in here (that is a whole other story) have at least one if not all three of the aformentioned accounts.

But what is next? Its three brands with narry a business model–and there in lies the problem. What are they to do? Either seperate or apart?

It been my belief for some time now that traditional banner advertising is not the answer.  The monetization (read business model) comes when there is an understanding of how one of the three lynch-pins affects the other two.

Earlier today I saw this link via Twitter, but ignored it on Facebook. But the vidoe is on YouTube.

So in my network (1100 or so on Twitter and 550 or so on FB) it took a while for it to sink in and make it something I should watch–and you should too it pretty fucking funny.

That aside, its how the networks inter-relate with one another and then further how they relate with the end user that will make each distinct, vibrant and complimentary.

Not sure I have the answer–but I hope I have the direction.


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