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When Twitter is the Trending Topic

June 17, 2009

I will openly admit way at the top here that my use of Twitter-based on statistics is not the norm. More than 70% of Twitter’s users still go to the Twitter home page to post and read.  Me, depending upon where I am and what is going on I will use any combination of TweetDeck, Twitterfon for iPhone, UberTwitter for BlackBerry and the occasional Twitteriffic on iPhone (btw, I will be downloading TweetDeck for iPhone today and may try a product review).

The one place I tend not to interact with Twitter is on

Generally, I don’t think I am missing much of the experience–except for the trending topics on the right hand side.

Its an interesting collection of items there…three topics tied directly to the Iranian elections and resulting up-rise-fueled by Twitter. In fact CBS News reported at one point the Obama administration asked Twitter to delay scheduled maintenance to allow direct communication with those in the uprising.

Today being the day that iPhone 3.0 rolls live, there is a trending topic for iPhone, ATT and for the inner geek in all of us, OS3.

As mentioned above, TweetDeck put out its iPhone version last night (will try to get to a review today) so that is a trending topic.  The #haveyouever seems to be a continuation of a Twitter type game–#3wordsaftersex etc.  Harmless, kind of fun.

Then there is #140conf.  Who knows what this one is?

The 140 Character Conference is a gathering I think into the high hundreds, if not 1000’s in NYC to talk about Twitter. OK.  Participants paid $1000 a head to talk about Twitter. OK, its their money.

But now, while everyone is talking about Twitter, they are busy on Twitter-because that’s how to get into a trending topic-to have people update with a #(hash tag).  If enough people use the # for their posts, you crack the trending topic list.  So, for chatter our of Iran check #mousavi or #tehran (go to Twitter search and enter the hash tag).

Some of it is relevant, some of it is crap, much of it is RT (that’s re-tweet) from others but it has a purpose.

But I am not sure I get why folks spent what is a lot of money in this economy, to come to NYC-which is not a cheap trip to talk about Twitter, and then spend enough time on Twitter to make it a trending topic.

Its the day when Twitter itself is the trending topic I suppose-at least to 140 characters with very active fingers.

You Want Audience, You Got It. Now What?

June 12, 2009

I am admittedly fascinated by this development today.  YouTube is now leveraging Twitter and Facebook connect. That is a mass audience.

Now what?

So three of the biggest social media brands are now interconnected.  Its nothing new that Facebook and Twitter worked together. I have been updated my Facebook via my Twitter for more than a year now.  In fact, I use HelloTxt to update MySpace, BrightKite, LinkedIn and more. (feel free to follow me on any of those places)

But today, was huge-its true interconnection.

But now what?

What is the business model? In social media circles these are top tier brands.  YouTube, FaceBook, Twiiter. I would argue anyone reading this–and there are a pretty good number per day checking in here (that is a whole other story) have at least one if not all three of the aformentioned accounts.

But what is next? Its three brands with narry a business model–and there in lies the problem. What are they to do? Either seperate or apart?

It been my belief for some time now that traditional banner advertising is not the answer.  The monetization (read business model) comes when there is an understanding of how one of the three lynch-pins affects the other two.

Earlier today I saw this link via Twitter, but ignored it on Facebook. But the vidoe is on YouTube.

So in my network (1100 or so on Twitter and 550 or so on FB) it took a while for it to sink in and make it something I should watch–and you should too it pretty fucking funny.

That aside, its how the networks inter-relate with one another and then further how they relate with the end user that will make each distinct, vibrant and complimentary.

Not sure I have the answer–but I hope I have the direction.

Putting the Social into Social Media

June 8, 2009

So, here is a pretty compelling little story about a group of folks who are in the same industry (real estate in this case) who have largely found a great way to socially connect and professionally help one another via Twitter.

Its a case study in putting the social into social media.

I mentioned that I have a friend on Twitter @MayaREGuru who is in real estate.  I have even mentioned a group she helped found called TwitterQueens.  Now at the risk of running afoul of the group–which I think now totals more than 150, these are mostly women in the real estate business.  They live across the country–and have found that Twitter, Ning, Facebook and other social network platforms have helped them grow their businesses and their friendships.

Over the last few weeks, the TQ group has done different teaching/leaning events-Twitter 101 I call them.  Now while I am not sure that anyone really needs to sit in a room for hours to learn how Twitter works-its an effective way to grow business socialization, so I have to give some props.

Now in a semi-social, semi-business (probably all shopping) event, the TQ’s are coming to NYC.

I have no idea what their real agenda is, or if it will be time well spent–but I do know that this is a case where a group of folks with a common interest, spread across the country have pulled it together and are transcending the 140 and the random posts–to go old school, and just interact.

Its nice to know there is an endgame to some of the social interactions that take place via the computer (and iPhone and BB etc).

When a Plane Crashes, Twitter Seems to Know First

June 1, 2009

Admittedly by most standards my Twitter network is on the small side–I follow 1240 people and just more than 1000 follow me.  There is a lot of cross over on the list so its not 2200+.  And the reality is that is fine for me–I struggle to keep up already.

But on days like today, even my relatively small network had me out in front of breaking news (really two stories the GM Bankruptcy filing and the Air France Airbus crash).  Since the GM story was mostly out on Sunday night though, I want to focus on the Air France story.

As I was coming home from the gym this morning (around 545) I saw an email on my BB that an Air France Airbus from Brazil to France had “dropped off radar.”  Now this was an internal email within CBS News. I made note of it, and went to take a shower.  When I finished, and fired up my laptop and opened up TweetDeck and saw a litany of posts from news sources, re-tweets and people on the ground at Charles De Gaulle Airport painting the scene of the search, the reactions in France and some very accurate reporting.  

As far as I can tell, BNO News on Twitter was the first to report that Air France thought there were no survivors.  I have to admit I was skeptical of this, seemed too early.  And I was not alone in my skepticism.  One of the people I follow on Twitter, whom I have never met posted a Tweet voicing that same sentiment.  @CheapSuits was quick to admit (as was I) that the initial reporting was correct.

So, one of the really cool things about twitter is that I don’t actually know any of these people.  They are people who I think have good things to say and are worth the time to scroll through and read 140 characters at a time.

Its part of the empowerment that Twitter offers-its a chance to be selective in what I read, how I read it, and how I process that information.  Beyond that, it is also a chance to get different voices on stories and issues–and in a lot of ways be out in front of the news (which in my case is part of my job).

As I warn in other posts here and in other places where I comment-its vital to be skeptical and do the “J”ournalism.  But in a Twitter world, the speed of the reporting goes much quicker–the pressure is on the journalists though.  We have to make sure we are right.

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