When a Tree Falls in the Twitter Forest

Twice  yesterday I encountered instances where something that was Twitter was seen and reacted to-and while the situations were completely diverse, and the reactions different-both were reminders about minding P’s and Q’s when sharing.

The broader instance was something that in the end was pretty weird, and it showed the importance for people in the media (as I am in full disclosure) to make sure we are very careful when we start quoting things we see on Twitter.

Around 1130 or so (ET) BNO, one of the better news sources (in my opinion) using Twitter put out a Tweet quoting a Florida radio station that actor Patrick Swayze had died.  

BreakingNews Florida-based radio station KissFM reports that Patrick Swayze has reportedly died. BNO News is working to get more information.

There was a flurry of email that followed this within CBS News.  Reporters and producers in Florida, California and NYC were all working to confirm. Then came an email, via a rep for Swayze who told People Magazine the actor was in fact not dead and that a full release would follow.

In the big picture, not a lot of time was spent on this–probably less than an hour.  And I can’t fault Twitter or BNO for what occured–everyone was doing their thing.  But it shows the importance of remembering beyond just shoveling information out–there are consumers.

The second example was on a much smaller scale and involved my own Twitter stream.  

My day got off to a bad start and I put out in 140-eese a Tweet that outlined my feeling at the moment.

Once again I learn about getting involved, and caring when it’s not my turn. Tuesday is going well.   Well I heard from some folks

@SarenaP texted me almost immediately and the we chatted some via IM.  @MayaREGuru sent me a DM asking if all was OK.  And I am touched that there are people I am close to out there who are worried about me–but its also a reminder–when a tree falls in the Twitter Forest, people do hear it.


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