Old School Social Media

So anyone who follows me on Twitter or Plurk, or has friended me on Friend Feed,  Facebook or My Space, or is a member of my fledgling Twitter Twibe knows my daily battle to make my train in the morning is an adventure.  And normally its kind of fun.

This morning, on a kind of rainy, foggy morning I was reminded of some old-school kind of social media driving to the train station–and despite all of those means of being connected listed above I think some very specific messages were sent an received.

So the morning routine in my house includes my taking the older one to the school bus-which is scheduled to arrive at our bus stop at 8:02.  From there I have 29 minutes to make what should be a 20 minute drive to the train station, park and get on the train.  Add in some normal traffic, and it gets close–usually around 27 minutes to parking and two minutes to make the train-its close but it works.

This morning the bus didn’t show until 8:11, so I am down to 20 minutes.  Yeah, a little aggressive driving, bending a few traffic laws and I can make it.  

Then came my encounter with someone else having (I can only suppose) an equally crappy behind schedule morning.  I slid in front of him–would not call it cutting him off and he go all bent out of shape.  Horn blaring, high-beams flashing he’s weaving in and out of traffic with the goal of cutting me off.  Me, I am mostly amused by this display-seems a bit over the top for so early in the morning, so I laugh and wave.

Then came the battle of the middle fingers.  Standing F-U’s as he tried to swerve in front of me and pulled out and then lost control of his car and onto a media.  Now he is even more pissed and there is a lot of traffic now getting out of his way.  Me, I keep an eye on him and keep on pushing, because I have about 9 minutes to make it three exits on the LIE and another two miles to the train station.

Once he recovered from the median, I got one more long horn blast, a double F-U and I left him behind–not to be seen again.

And I thought about it.

Our messages were clearly received.  He was pissed and probably would not have minded pushing me off the road and onto the median.  I was amused and somewhat bewildered by what was going on.

Simple gestures–horn blaring, lights flashing, fingers points.

So who needs all these computers, iPhones, G-Phones, lap tops, power books–just let me give you a simple middle finger salute–and message sent.

I guess its a matter of who the audience is that determines if its received.

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2 Responses to “Old School Social Media”

  1. EKay Says:

    Whoa, whoa … direct human interaction?! I prefer to hide behind the veil of my computer screen, which is why this site seems perfect for such a situation as the one you encountered: http://www.platewire.com/

  2. esd714 Says:

    that platewire is hilarious. i have to dig into that site–I had not seen that before.

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