New Pet Peeve: The Junk Tweet

So you know that feeling you get when after a long day at work or chasing it, you get home check the mail box and its packed?  Yeah, you know there will be some bills, maybe a magazine and hopefully something nice–a check, heaven forbid a handwritten letter (do those still happen?)…

Then you go through it all–and its junk mail. You know what I mean. An assortment of credit card offers, cable triple play, home refi–crap.

Well, in a lot of ways, in the name of “social media marketing” brands have taken extending the clutter from my mailbox to my Twitter stream.

I assume most people are like me–and every now and then will go into their Twitter followers and generally go through and follow anyone who is following me–usually with little thought.  Its socially the accepted practice on Twitter and it creates a sense of true community.

Then suddenly there in the stream is a seemingly never ending list of stuff–electronics, books etc-all with 100 characters and a URL click through.

And the reality is–its not just product companies that do this.  Many news organizations (incuding the one I work for) do this as well. To “drive” traffic to our sites we push out a headline and click through.

But is this really a community sharing experience? I tend to think its not.

I rarely unfollow anyone.

I do unfollow junk-Tweeters though.  Call it my own personal do not tweet list–I am happy to engage–and I am happy to debate, but not automate.

In the case of CBS News–I follow all of the “manual” Tweeters–from 48 Hours EP Susan Zirinsky to Associate Producer Rick Bouretta–not a problem at all.  Everyone has something to say–and Twitter gives us all an equal platform to have our say.

Now that we are listening–do you have anything you want to say?


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