The Contrarian View-Questions to Ponder

OK-contrarian is a little strong-call it another view.

I met the S/O of a friend last night and among the topics we covered was social media–and what we see as the  differences between Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Plurk etc.  To set the stage for this–Jenna was introduced to me as the “Queen of Social Media” because she is on Facebook and Twitter.  Her boyfriend is on Facebook only, and well, “I update my status there, and that’s enough,” w as the argument.

Jenna countered with Twitter is a conversation.

I countered with leveraging tools like FriendFeed or Plurk you can update all of the networks concurrently–so there is no additional updates.

Jenna and I then briefly discussed update versus conversation.

This morning from Twitter I found out about the Turkish plane crash, reaction to Obama’s speech last night (did anyone else find amusing all the members of Congress live Tweeting during the speech?), a fire in Queens and some good industry reading that I was able to buzz.

But I did not engage–I was strictly a consumer. Others though were engaged in the two way via Twitter, something that is much tougher to do on Facebook.  So perhaps I should further think through my automatic updates from Ping that spread across my networks–am I doing a dis-service to the networks by at times simply doing a status update when there are consumers looking for conversation?


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