An Unexpected Boost

So my Sunday morning (and in fact most of my Sunday) did not go exactly according to plan–but there is a happy ending to it all, so I guess I should not complain.

It was about 730, and I was on my way home and getting off the LIE notfar from my house.  Suddenly, although my foot was on the gas pedal, the car was not accelerating. It was still moving, the engine revving, just not going over 25 MPH.  I knew the problem.

With some cajoling I got it to a service center I knew would be open on a Sunday, if for nothing else to confirm the worst.  My 8 year old (150k miles) Saturn has a blown transmission.  According to the diagnostic, the car was not seeing second, third, fourth and reverse.  About what I expected, but not good.

So, what does all this have to do with social media you ask?

This is where it all comes together.

Partially because I was going to start dumping plans for the day, partially because according to one of the Twitter analysis services (I can’t remember which one) and partially because it was something to do, I put out an update that I was off to the land of the car dealer.

On my way I got a DM from Twitter from one of the best negotiators I know with some tips on how to position this instant purchase to my advantage-thank you, it worked grat.

I got a Facebook message from an old friend who’s husband has  a couple of used car dealerships in his portfolio-could be a destination for what is left of my Saturn.  Thanks.

I got a slew of recommendations on cars. Always helpful since I was going to make a car purchase with no research.

And when I settled on the Forrester, I got information on the costs and sticker prices seen in  CA, MA and TX.  Again thanks for all of that.


A couple of Tweets/FB updates and I had a negotiating strategy, research, well wishes and a possible disposal of my old car.  Now that is effective since the car dealership I was going to is no more than 20 minutes from my house.

Outside of walking away from financing under 4%, $5k off sticker and a dealership that jumped through hoops to put me in my car on a Sunday–there is a great case study here about the true power that these tools can harness.

Just for the fun of it, last night, I started to Google a little bit of new car information, and I was well into it for 45 minutes, with not nearly the progress I made in less than 20 from posting on Twitter and Facebook.  and I still did not have a full picture or the comparative analysis.

Yes, I have a pretty broad network (perhaps too broad).  But its a great tool to tap into–because I am not an auto-motive expert by any stretch.  I am not a keen negotiator by any stretch.  But yesterday-because of my extended network, I was.  And when I needed it, it was there.

So thank you to all who shared with me yesterday, and I look forward to helping–as I did ot a friend who dropped their Bold into a sink.

We’re all in this together–and unless we are getting direct TARP we need to help one another (OK that was a little political).


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