Tools of the Socialization Trade

I was talking with a friend who carries a BlackBerry about upgrade options the other day. She is adamant about wanting an iPhone.  When I asked her why, I am pretty sure the answer came down to the apps (hell, Apple has an app for woman to track their menstruation).  So, being the semi-geek that I am, I started talking about the other options in the market–from the BlackBerry Bold or Storm, to the Android to the soon to be release Palm Pre.

Fast forward to this week–as the Mobile World Congress convenes in Barcelona, there is some exciting product news about Android, Pre, Nokia and more — that will make being in touch easier, and should make the social media experience (from Twitter, to Facebook, to My Space to new platforms) easier.  Already these devices have LBS/GPS and plenty of location based apps.

Check out the latest from Palm on the Pre:

Not to be outdone, Google announced new handsets for its open source Android:

And Nokia will enter the app business. Check out this live blog of the announcement.

So now the question is, what will Apple do to keep the place its cut out by being first in market:


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2 Responses to “Tools of the Socialization Trade”

  1. Jamie Ginsberg Says:

    Ethan. Those are great consumer pitches for the phones. I am inclined to find trusting google to handle all of my information, knowing that they look at all of my stuff, but somehow believing they still believe in “do no evil.” Capitalism may change this one day to “do know evil,” but still the simple syncing of email and contacts is very appealing on a practical basis.
    I have a love hate relationship with HTC products and am still on the fence with them. That said my relationship with Palm has mostly been hate 😉 It seems like they have always struggled miserably with memory management. My iPhone has crashed a few times, but I push the limits enough with it to feel like a reboot is in order every few months.
    What I would really like to know is how good will the screens be on these phones. I have experienced the Touch and Motion control on the iPhone is superior to every phone I have tried. But what really wows me is the screen. Looking at entertainment such as videos or pictures, I am blown away. The camera is unimpressive, but viewing any media on the device is amazing. Will HTC, Nokia, Palm figure out how to match Apple here? Until they do, there is 1 phone to rule them all…iPhone.

  2. esd714 Says:

    I tend to think screen is something that is manageable–eventually they all will figure it out. My issue is battery life, and how will the device manage its power supply as I multi task away with it.

    Somethint Steve Jobs said when iPhone was introduced–and rings true today…the reason the first iPhone was not 3G was because of battery draw. The iPhone 3G reallky does not solve that problem–users just kind of live with it.

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