Measuring Expectation, and Result

So, I am happy to say the network I work for is jumping into social media full force for the inauguration of Barack Obama-now with most of the planning and and creating done, we have to be patient, sit back and see what happens.

One of the biggest challenges we’ll all face (from the broadcast side out to the online side and into the mobile side) is the expectation game.  In some cases, I really don’t know what the expectation is-other than just do it.  And, in reality, I think its the right approach-be out there and do it and see what happens.

Still, there are challenges.  Some we can manage (like moderation, putting high end devices in the hands of people we trust etc), and some we can’t like the availability of connectivity.

We have our social media site all set and ready to go, and we are tied in with all the usual susects (Twitter, You Tube, Flickr etc).

Follow the progress @cbsmobilenews, @theearlyshow, @cbsnews or contribute. Upload your pics and vids by email


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