Go Forward, Ever Forward

And so it was our turn.  My company did its business restructuring yesterday.  I won't put the details here, there are at least 15 blogs (that I found with a simple search) that have background.  Instead, I am thinking about a few tangential things today–and some things that have weighed on me for a while leading up to this.

The discussions started about this over the summer–I want to say in August.  And to be clear, and pretty high up in this thought process today–I get the business decision.  100% I understand.  But there are people involved–both those who joined the swelling ranks of the unemployed, and those on what we in corporate land like to call the "go forward" team.  And for very unique reasons its not easy to be in either group (and I have felt the sting from both sides).

Throughout the day yesterday, as news of restructuring surfaced (again check the blogs) the outreach was impressive.  People I know who battled through this during this week, and last week, and last month, and last quarter reached out–who was impacted? are you ok? words of encouragement.

Yeah, we are all in this together.  It is a social fabric–but still to Robert, Sarah, Dan, Ramy, Vaughn, Mike, Hamid and the rest it may seem like you are alone–but you are not.  I can remember the first time I was the victim of "business restructuring."  It was pre-email–and keeping connected with the people who may be able to help you get re-settled was about making phone calls, and trying to go for coffee.

Today-reach me via Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, LiveJournal, IM, email, text, mobile-I think its part of my social contract to be a resource for you. I am sure Cali, Julie, Mark, Mike, Jeff, Randy and all the rest agree.

So yeah, we will go forward, ever forward.  But we will also remember where we are today, and where we have been together.


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