a chance to revisit memories….

Before jumping on the LIRR last night for the long slow roll (1:20+) home, I had a chance to hook up with a friend for some coffee. And to be honest, I don't even remember what we were talking about, but suddenly the line from Bugs Bunny, when Mugsy was hiding out in his home popped into my head, "You might rabbit, you might."

In a moment when the filter from head to mouth did not work as well as it has lately, I let the line tumble. Turns out my friend did not know the reference.

Which is fine, because a few minutes on You Tube, and all of sudden not only was I able to revist that moment of my youth, I was able to share it with my kids, my friend and thanks to be over connected I was able to quickly share it randomly. And the response was kind of cool…

So, without further adieu–enjoy….

And for the fun of it-another classic:

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