Video Experiences….

So I am a cock-eyed optimist on this, but I truly think there is a true business model in mobile video. Yeah, I know what you are going to say, when? I think that time is closer than we all think. The downside to my argument is I do not have anything to back me up.

The upside is that my mobile video  is sold out for the rest of this year, and there are discussions about extending some of those deals into Q1 of 2009.  Realistically, this is re-placed ad dollars that are being pulled from traditional media and invested in new and emerging media-I get it.

But I have also been spending a lot of time lately with video podcasts. For entertainment (I commute four hours/day), for comparison and because as I stated above-I think there is an actual business to be had.

So, I am watching in no particular order: Gordon Ramsey's video podcasts and Bitchin' Kitchen (these feed my somewhat strange fascination with cooking shows), Digg Nation (it was after I started watching Digg Nation that I discovered Kevin Rose was a founder of Digg), R3 shows Scam School and Pop Siren. Then I sample others, mostly from the iTunes store because its easier to get it onto my iPhone.

There are two big issues I have with the way all of this great video content works today:

  1. I read a lot of Twitter and Plurk via mobile browser or Twitterberry, and the video links just don't work. There has to be a way to make that a better user experience. Add a send an email (because I will never go back through old posts to figure out which video I wanted to watch.
  2. Its great to be able to embed this content and share it-but the community parts associated to are missing.  There are so few embeddable players that have community built in, so someone watching on YouTube can share their thoughts with a Veoh viewer. Its a blow opportunity to truly grow audience and participation.

So what's on your video-podcast watch list? Would be great to sample some new stuff.


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