An interesting question….

So this week I was on a panel during a conference here in New York that dealt with how technology has changed the way news is gathered and consumed.  An interesting topic and one I can speak to pretty easily and at length.

Joining me at this session was the person who runs the My Fox 5 (NYC) website, an editor from the Long Island Business Journal and the founder of a local web-based broadcast site that specializes in hyper-local coverage.

So, during this session, there were some typical cheap shots at big media-we ignore local news, we are unresponsive etc.  I can debunk most of that, but chose not to, since I really wanted to keep focused on all of the cool ways we are able to use social media, mobile phones and other emerging products to re-shape the business.


Then from the gentleman who runs the hyper-local website–journalists should not blog.

His rationale is that blogs are too open a forum, and journalists will share their opinion and thus compromise their future coverage.

This one I did not leave be. I actually cross-examined him during the panel. 

This blog is by a jorunalist. friend of mine in CT.  Here is a Twitter micro-blog from a colleague at NBC News.

They are not biased in what they share.  They show insight gained by being a member of the media.  And I think these are effective blogs.


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