Yeah, it can be funny too

Sometimes in the world of big media, when the goal is to have everything inter-connected and super viral, there is a chance to sit back and just laugh–LOL for those of you who do more texting than I do.

As we crest before the end of what has become the never ending campaign season-there is a chance to just LOL, and since we are all about connectivity-check this out.

First up is Daily Show's take on the last debate at my alma mater, and in my home town–it is LOL when John Stewart starts getting to the pandering that goes on.

It was a busy week in NYC for the candidates. John McCain went and kissed the ring, or at least David Letterman's back side. But check out how Dave manages to get some actual information as well.

Then is was off to the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner. Now anyone who works in media and covers the campaign knows, this is a great assignment. The dinner is a who's who of power elite, a great event, funny-and suddenly the candidates are people.

Take a step back; does it hurt anyone's image to just have some fun?


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