When world's collide

I am preparing a small presentation for a group of local business leaders in the greater NYC area this week. Its an annual conference that I speak at (this is my fifth straight year and they keep asking me back). Generally, I am there to sound off some on new media, and try to goose marketing and business people to understand the tools that are out there, and how they can be used to reach their audience.

The one thing about these events that is kind of frustrating is that you never know if you have accomplished anything.  However, that rarely stops me from evangelizing for new media. Five years ago it was blogs. Four years ago it was Facebook and LinkedIn. Three years ago it was understanding mobile. Two years ago it was how to use SMS messaging. A year ago it was about UGC.

This year, I am going to hit on social media tools-Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku and how they play across the web and mobile–and allow you direct access end users. Its highly targeted and the through put is pretty high.  I think the tough sell is to show how to generate actual numbers.

As I was clicking around looking for some ammo for my presentation, Brian Solis (who I follow on Twitter and Plurk but do not know at all) posted this on his blog:

"You must combine (these) new media strategies with traditional methodologies in order to be successful…" www.culpwrit.com/

To be successful today in media or using media you need to understand how it all comes together.  Gone are the days of the specialist who can deliver TV or print.  The true specialist today-the one that every company is looking for is the one who can deliver audience-and audience is not destination. Audience is where they are.



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