Debate watching via Twitter and Plurk

So, in what I think is a huge win for social media as constituted today, I have missed the original broadcast of the VP debate and the last presidential debate (the town hall format) because of work.  So, while making my hellish commute (more on that I am sure) I have been following the debates via Twitter and Plurk.


And you know what, its impressive how good the perceptions and reactions are.  Yeah, you have to filter through bias, but given the general state of "conventional" media you have to do that anyway,

Now I have to admit, I am a bit geeky, and I TiVo'd the debates, and watched them either when I got home, or morning after-with the knowledge gleaned from monitoring Twitter and Plurk-and the analysis is dead on.

So before its too late experience or and see what people are saying. Then compare that to what your favorite commentator says.


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